“Watching TV makes you smarter” essay

     “Watching tv makes you smarter” is an article that describes and explains how TV shows used to be back in the days. During the 70’s TV shows were  very important and intertaining for families at home. Many good shows began to air and are still being shown today. People  begin to arugue and discuss what tv show is good and bad for a person. It all depends on the type of show it is and the story behind it. According to the article, Johnson describes two types of show, whether they are cognitive sedated or cognitive complexity.

     Today the world is fullof  shows and tv has become a very important role in our everyday life. It is what intertain kids, and aldults in many differnt ways. The argument is whether the shows are good or bad? To start off,  reality shows can be very intertaining, for example. We have Jersey Shore. This is a reality  tv show, where “real” people act to make it seem real and how there life is. Personally, i dont have a proble with Reality Shows, but these are the shows that give bad examples  to thise younger ones. Kids today think that is cool to be talking a certain way, drink until you pass out and even smoking. For those older ones that know how to control themselves and know whats good and right,dont really affect  them watching this shows, becuase in reality,they’re not going to run and and begin doing the same things. On the other hand, theres another group of people that can be ignorant yet bean adult and go out to do theses things. These are the  type of people we have to watch out for and becuase of them, they make certain shows be a bad  example.

     Certainly tv shows today are very different from when the first tv shows began to air. According to the article, tv shows used to be easy to understand, while todays shows are a bit more complicated and have you thinking a different way. It is like a brain storm, where you have to be quick and have the knowledge to understand what the show is talking about our understand the message. This takes us to  tv shows like the “X-Files”. This science fiction tv shows is a great example in having a person tuned into the show and wondering what will happen next. Even though this supernatural tv show is not real, it still has you thinking and working your brain, which at the end is good. It is like exercising your brain for a more complicated thing in the future.

    TV shows today is a huge demand by the people. Kids can learn from many non violent shows, and older kids can learn from a much complicated show. This will have kids thinking and also devoloping their brain for a much harder ideas. Critical thinking is very important, even though shows are harder to understand today, it is a big advantage for people today master their thinking skills.

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